Two new posters

We’ve just got the one Indietracks-related gig this year, but it should be fabulous.

Bunnygrunt and Eureka California play energetic power-pop which is perfect for summer time funtimes. They’re both from America and on Happy Happy Birthday To Me records. We put on label-mates Tunabunny as one of our first ever gigs! Breakfast Muff have members of STROP (nee FROTH) and seem like tons of fun.

Then, not even two weeks later, we’ve got another belter of a line-up, with a few of our favourites.

You may have noticed we’ve put on the Spooks a few times before, and we adore the Middle Ones too. They’re going on a mini-tour with T-Shirt Weather, who are also a ton of fun, so we couldn’t say no to that!

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