Written Submission Gallery

Along with the exhibition, I also created four books that contain, and enact, the written portion of my PhD. Each book focuses on a particular facet of my research: Comics as a Synthetic Medium, Childhood Memoirs, Mapping Autobiography, and Media Specificity in Non-traditional Graphic Narratives. These books are, themselves pieces of practice, where the design is integral to the theories discussed therein. Derrida has said that deconstruction is something that happens within the text, where the manner in which we argue a theory works against the theory itself. This submission was created with that in mind, as I consciously performed deconstruction on form as well as content in my work.

Viva Exhibition Gallery

I’m happy to finally be able to share some of the objects and outcomes from my PhD!

What I decided to exhibit for the examiners is, of course, a curated selection of the pieces I have created, and these images are a sample from that show. But as my narratives are built by accreating levels of meaning through iterations of memory, this collection of photographs adds another layer through my choice of grouping and framing, both in the room itself and in the representations you see before you.

I hope you enjoy, and more importantly, I hope they pique your curiosity. I urge the viewer to try to weave their own stories from the glimpses of moments and shards of thought you find before you.

Spring posters

Viva preparations are consuming most of my creative energy right now, but there are still gigs happening, and posters being made. In Early May I should be able to post some documentation of the work that has been such a huge part of my life this year. Until then, enjoy these two stylistically divergent posters.

wolf girl 1 web

two white cranes-web


Most of my PhD work has been building towards submitting the written portion of my thesis, which isn’t the flashiest of things to post about.

But I have also been gearing up for our annual Pop!South Weekender, which gives me some pretty things to show you. Feast your eyes on our line-up and find out all you need to know in our handy PDF!

Weekender 2016 web

weekender cover-web

Weekender Guide 2016

This year we’re also having an Indie Disco on the Saturday night, so even if you can’t come to the whole weekend, you can shake your tailfeathers with us!

Disco V2.2

Two new posters

We’ve just got the one Indietracks-related gig this year, but it should be fabulous.

Bunnygrunt and Eureka California play energetic power-pop which is perfect for summer time funtimes. They’re both from America and on Happy Happy Birthday To Me records. We put on label-mates Tunabunny as one of our first ever gigs! Breakfast Muff have members of STROP (nee FROTH) and seem like tons of fun.

Then, not even two weeks later, we’ve got another belter of a line-up, with a few of our favourites.

You may have noticed we’ve put on the Spooks a few times before, and we adore the Middle Ones too. They’re going on a mini-tour with T-Shirt Weather, who are also a ton of fun, so we couldn’t say no to that!

Preparing for Paris


On Saturday I leave for a week in Paris, mostly to attend the Sixth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference / Ninth International Bande Dessinée Society Conference being held at the University of London Institute in Paris, but I’m sure there will be some sightseeing as well. Don’t be surprised if my Instagram blows up.

My talk is called ‘Mapping the Journey: The Cartography of Autobiography’. I’ll be giving it on Tuesday morning, at 9:30am in the Auto/Biography panel. If you’re attending the conference, I hope to see you there!

Here is a copy of my abstract.

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Past poster post

It’s been a while! Here are a few posters for things I’ve been up to. The first two posters were supposed to look like a set, as the gigs were so close together. I wanted the third to fit in as well, but look distinct. Hopefully they bring some summer feels, even if the weather doesn’t co-operate!

JJ Thyme web

Haiku Web-final

Model Village Web

As I’m nearing completion deadlines on the PhD, hopefully there will be more visuals to share on that front in a few months as well!



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Last Saturday, five of us organized an unconference that was held in Glasgow. It was my first experience of an unconference, either as an attendee or organizer.

I really liked the idea of bringing together a diverse group of comics makers, comics lovers and comics academics to discuss the topics that interest us. We had about 30 attendees, which is pretty good for our first run out. I’d love it if next time we got more makers involved, but this is all a learning process for everyone!

The first session of the day consisted of collating everyone’s ideas for topics and voting on the day’s remaining sessions.

[Action Shot!]

Damon, pictured above, made a short video about the day. I think there will be video of my performance comic later too… {eeek!}

From the feedback we got, it seemed to go really well. There are definitely some things we now know to do differently next time, but overall, the participants enjoyed it and we think there will be a next time!

Here’s a shot of us all at the end of the day.

There was a fair bit of live tweeting (I tried, but flagged towards the end of the day) and there’s a storify, if anyone is interested in the topics covered throughout the day.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to try to collate some lists of links to topics covered, websites mentioned, webcomics and comics the participants make. Hopefully this will serve as a jumping off forum for more critical comics discussions in the coming months!

In the meantime, here are a few of the participant’s thoughts on the event:

Pop!South weekender 2015

I am currently recovering from our (Pop!South‘s) second foray into putting on a mini-festival. This year’s event included a Friday night gig with four bands, a full day on Sat and an acoustic Sunday. weekender_web

I made another guide to the southside, which got a bunch of good feedback!

Weekender cover thumb

Weekender Guide

We got some really nice press ahead of time: we were highlighted by The Skinny (twice!) and even got on STV Glasgow.

10982437_10155177696630137_6050207001695803247_nweekender event

(photographic evidence of our event banner on the telly!)

Everyone seemed to have a lovely time, including the bands and us. My vegan korma on Sunday seemed to go down especially well with the bands. The Felt Tips and Duglas of BMX Bandits even had some nice things to say afterwards.

I took a bunch of photos (on instagram), although trying to make that many pics of the same stage look different became increasingly hard as the weekend progressed!

It’s always hard work pulling off a gig like this, but seeing so many smiling faces and hearing how much everyone enjoyed makes it so very much worth it!

[Now to gear up for next weekend’s Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up!]