En Route

(Pulled off of the iPod, written while on the plane to San Francisco, on very little sleep)

On our way to San Francisco now. Was indesisive about whether or not to bother with really waking ip until just now, when I opted for coffee to try to nudge the brain awake. 9 am est, 6 am in Cali. Today will be long.

Dug the iPod out & Shivering Sands. I’m thinking essays & shorts will be easier for me to wrap my head around at this point, but it’s Warren Ellis, so you never know. I’d read half of it already, so I’ll probably read the other half, then tuck into Girl with the Dragon Tatoo for the duration.

7 hour flight & only beverage service. Lovely. Glad we brought some protein bars on account of my being a vegetarian now. Although chances are I’ll breakdown and eat meat at some point in the next two weeks. San Francisco’s known for good vegi fair though, so maybe not.

Maybe I’ll poke at this over the next two weeks, maybe not. I’ll probably Twitter from time to time, as I’m a hopeless addict. I very much hope I will also be posting photos soon, as I realized I took next to no shots all year! Must fix that this year.

Now it’s 7 am SF time, as I’ve changed my clock over finally. Some clouds gave cleared a bit & I can see land, still covered with snow. Be very glad once we’re past that to. We flew over a large expanse of water just now. looked down and thought we were over the coast, but we can’t still be near the Atlantic. Maybe the great lakes?

Finished Shivering Sands. Had to contain laughter while reading a few bits. Which reminds me I also have 7 episodes of “The Thick of It” on my laptop, but perhaps howling with laughter like a crazy person is best confined to the ground. So, to dig out Girl with the Dragon Tatoo then. Let’s see if the brain’s up to dealing with a plot yet this morning.

(Just saw I wrote a shorter thing on the plane to Egypt last year, titles the same & never posted. But California has wifi, so hopefully this post won’t have the same fate)

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