Arrived in San Francisco

There’s a post I wrote at various states of consciousness at various point along the plane ride from boston to San Francisco that is currently in purgatory on my iPod Touch. There’s internet, but no wifi in the rooms, so the first post may be last, but that’s no matter.

Overall the trip over was good, although an almost 7 hour flight with only beverage service? How cheap can you get? We already payed $40 to check 1 bag each, so no, I was not going to buy a $3 cookie to tide me over. But the ride was smooth and I finished Shivering Sands and got about 200 pages into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which is quite good so far).

But it was just so nice to start the descent into SF and see greenery! Yesterday had warmed up to a balmy 20 F (yes it has been in the low teens all this week with wicked winds) and we managed to escape between two winter storms. Not bad ones, mind, but a couple inches of snow each. As we crossed the country & I could see bits of land through the clouds, all I saw was snow, snow, and snow! So seeing plants, an unfrozen bay and temperatures in the high 50’s to low 60’s at the end of the journey made us quite happy.

Upon arrive I was reminded that, as much as I love traveling abroad, it’s nice to not have to clear customs, immigration and then worry that if you’ve forgotten something, that they won’t have it, or you’ll end up buying something you can’t use when you get home. We then got checked in, had a lovely lunch at the hotel restaurant, as our brains aren’t fully functional, and now I’m convinced it’s past dinner time when it’s not even 5pm here. The exhaustion of being up at 4:30 is starting to settle in as well. But we have some idea of what we’d like to do tomorrow, so that’s a good start. Right now I’m in a kind of, stare at things, click at things, stare some more state, but want to stay up to something resembling a normal time so I’m not completely twisted about for the next couple of weeks. We’ll see.

Anyways, I may poke at this thing a bit in the coming weeks, as I have internet for at least the next 6 evenings. Hope everyone had a joyful New Year!

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