Written Submission Gallery

Along with the exhibition, I also created four books that contain, and enact, the written portion of my PhD. Each book focuses on a particular facet of my research: Comics as a Synthetic Medium, Childhood Memoirs, Mapping Autobiography, and Media Specificity in Non-traditional Graphic Narratives. These books are, themselves pieces of practice, where the design is integral to the theories discussed therein. Derrida has said that deconstruction is something that happens within the text, where the manner in which we argue a theory works against the theory itself. This submission was created with that in mind, as I consciously performed deconstruction on form as well as content in my work.

Viva Exhibition Gallery

I’m happy to finally be able to share some of the objects and outcomes from my PhD!

What I decided to exhibit for the examiners is, of course, a curated selection of the pieces I have created, and these images are a sample from that show. But as my narratives are built by accreating levels of meaning through iterations of memory, this collection of photographs adds another layer through my choice of grouping and framing, both in the room itself and in the representations you see before you.

I hope you enjoy, and more importantly, I hope they pique your curiosity. I urge the viewer to try to weave their own stories from the glimpses of moments and shards of thought you find before you.



A very short post just to say that I had my viva voce examination on Thursday and I passed with corrections! I’ve got a lot of photos of the exhibition to edit, but there should be plenty of images coming in the near future.