Two new posters

We’ve just got the one Indietracks-related gig this year, but it should be fabulous.

Bunnygrunt and Eureka California play energetic power-pop which is perfect for summer time funtimes. They’re both from America and on Happy Happy Birthday To Me records. We put on label-mates Tunabunny as one of our first ever gigs! Breakfast Muff have members of STROP (nee FROTH) and seem like tons of fun.

Then, not even two weeks later, we’ve got another belter of a line-up, with a few of our favourites.

You may have noticed we’ve put on the Spooks a few times before, and we adore the Middle Ones too. They’re going on a mini-tour with T-Shirt Weather, who are also a ton of fun, so we couldn’t say no to that!

Gluten-free grub

While I very rarely post about my personal life, I think it’s pretty clear I love to travel. When I can, I travel with my husband, who has a bunch of food allergies, gluten-intolerance topping the list. Having just come back from two weeks in two very different countries, I wanted to post about some of the best gluten-free restaurants we encountered on our trips.

We also rented apartments when we were away, which allowed us to do a fair bit of cooking at home too, which is indispensable on those days when you just can’t be bothered to trek to the couple of places you know won’t make you ill and are too tired to attempt translating your various food needs.


We found a lot of advice online before we traveled, and it’s always a good idea to have a celiac travel card with you. David Lebovitz has lots of info about eating in Paris, and has highlighted some great GF places. We didn’t end up at any of the places recomended on the Celiac Chics blog, but the general info there was really good. We did end up at some of the places pictured on Gluten Free Mom.

The conference was held at the University of London Institute in Paris, which is amongst the consulates near the Army Museum. Because of its location, we ended up having dinner at Aux Ducs de Bourgogne twice. You do need to mention being gluten-free, but any of the galettes can be made sans-gluten. The owner was charming and very sweet.


We also popped into Saveurs Végét’Halles, which was AMAZING. I had the best seitan steak with mushroom sauce. They even had more gluten-free beers than normal ones. Their menue was very clearly marked, and the food was super-fresh. I can’t recommend them enough. I didn’t see them listed in as many places, so I definitely wanted to give them a shout out.

We did hear a lot about NoGlu, and were not disappointed. Thankfully, they take reservations by email, as I get stressed about speaking a language I’m not very good at on the phone, and they get super busy, so reservations are a must! Their menu changes daily, but they do seem to always have vegi-friendly options, and everything they sell is gluten-free. We sat at the bar and could see the chefs preparing everything. Personally, I loved all the details and little touches, like paper thin radish slices and drizzles of olive oil. Stoo loved just being able to fully relax and have a gourmet meal. We were beyond stuffed when we left, but it was worth it!


Most places in Iceland were at least aware of gluten and what it may be in. We were most nervous about attending the music festival, since we wouldn’t be allowed to bring in food. In the end, it was fine, as one of the sushi places that was recommended to us had a stall at the festival, and many of the other vendors were knowledgable as well. The Celiac Plate had a restaurant guide, which was really useful as a starting point.

Our first dinner out was at Sake Barinn, which also had a stall at ATP. Unsurprisingly, it was super fresh and had some great flavour combos.

We also had some of the Lobster Hut‘s amazing lobster soup at ATP, but I have no photos of this.

I also have no photos of the marvelous tapas we had at Tapas Barinn, but I have one of the mojitos we started with! We got the lobster tails, salmon, Icelandic foal with chorizo sauce, patatas bravas, steak teriyaki skewer, beef bourguignon, and mushrooms with warm goat cream and burnt leak sauce. So. Damn. Good.

Enough about food though. Back to your regularly scheduled posters and comics!