Preparing for Paris


On Saturday I leave for a week in Paris, mostly to attend the Sixth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference / Ninth International Bande Dessinée Society Conference being held at the University of London Institute in Paris, but I’m sure there will be some sightseeing as well. Don’t be surprised if my Instagram blows up.

My talk is called ‘Mapping the Journey: The Cartography of Autobiography’. I’ll be giving it on Tuesday morning, at 9:30am in the Auto/Biography panel. If you’re attending the conference, I hope to see you there!

Here is a copy of my abstract.

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Past poster post

It’s been a while! Here are a few posters for things I’ve been up to. The first two posters were supposed to look like a set, as the gigs were so close together. I wanted the third to fit in as well, but look distinct. Hopefully they bring some summer feels, even if the weather doesn’t co-operate!

JJ Thyme web

Haiku Web-final

Model Village Web

As I’m nearing completion deadlines on the PhD, hopefully there will be more visuals to share on that front in a few months as well!