More Posters!

Over at Pop!South we’ve put on three gigs last month, and are about to put on two this month, with the first one being tomorrow, and another next Friday. Thought I should pop the posters up over here. The one for the Middle Ones was an unused design from the Primitive Painters club night time, while Haiku Salut fits a little more with the Pop!South style. I also wrote a little bit about the shows over on the Last Year’s Girl blog.

The Middle Ones-web

haiku salut-web

Team Girl Comic—Memory Lane 2003

TGC Webcomic-Daily 2003-drive-2

The latest piece in the memory series I’ve been doing with Team Girl Comic: This comic takes me back another 5 years, to 2003, when I was 20. I was working full-time and finishing up my last year at College/Uni, so what did I do every day? I drove. I drove to school; I drove to work; I drove to unwind. As you can see, I didn’t usually take the shortest path between two points, but the one that was always moving and was scenic. After a while, driving the same roads become less of a mental act and more physical. You know all the turns and potholes and rely more on muscle memory than observation. If this looks at first glance to be a section of human tissue with blood vessels and nerves running through it, then you might understand how much these places are a piece of me. Drawing these roads, I can still picture the roads, know which ones flood in the spring rain, which roads the snowplows hit first, where the traffic lights will slow me down. I spent 3 years working and going to college 7 days a week. Much of my free time was spent doing course work, so some of the only time I had to myself when I could be completely free was in my truck. I’ve always felt there’s something liberating about driving, even if you’re driving to work. This comic is a lot like the one I did after the Boston Marathon bombing earlier in the year.

[I also wrote a short explanation over on the Team Girl Comic blog]