New Team Girl Comics!

Volume 8 of  Team Girl Comic is out now! You can order it online. The carnival-themed launch party was fantastic. You should check out the pics on FB, or just click for a wee Instagram teaser. TGC has been running some previews online, and here’s a preview of my comic, ‘Model Family’.


ALSO, the second of my Daily Routines memory series is up on Team Girl Comics’ webpage today. Here’s the link:!  (I wrote a bit about the conept behind these comics here)

TGC Webcomic-Daily 2013v08

This is my attempt at remembering something I did daily just 5 years ago, when I was 25. All I could think of was my drive to work and getting my Dunkin’ Donuts on the way.

On my 25th birthday I made a decision to try to live healthier all around. I ended a relationship that had gone on past when we should have called it quits, I traded my pickup truck in for a Prius, and I started eating more ‘real’ food, or at least trying to. I still have my vices though, and when I’m back in the States, I still have my Dunks, but part of this thought behind this one is to show the change in the past 5 years.

Like the last one, I wanted to convey some of the content in other formats. I’ve not yet vined this, but I do have an Instagram photo essay version!

IMG_1355   IMG_1356

IMG_1357 IMG_1358