Very quick thoughts about Grant Morrison’s Keynote at ‘Scotland & the Birth of Comics Conference’

This thought is slightly too long for twitter, so I’m posting it here.

Grant Morrison mentioned today about how superheroes these days don’t go about saving other people, but are more concerned about having to “save their own ass”. Some super villain is always on the lookout to try to destroy everything that the superhero holds dear. He talked about consumers (specifically US consumers) wanting superheroes to be more “relatable”: how superheroes have become so dark, with very little redemption, they they’re loosing the swagger that makes them appealing. I wonder if this isn’t down to a generational and cultural shift. As someone born into a Regan US, I was brought up thinking that “welfare state” was a slur. Coming from the liberal east coast, I never understood that 100%, but thought that universally, welfare was thought of as a bad thing. When I moved to Scotland 3 years ago I found that this was not the case, and the Scottish are, generally, quite proud of the UK for taking care of all its citizens, in good times and bad. I wonder if the US hasn’t moved in the last 3o years, towards a culture that is less concerned about saving other people, and more concerned about saving their own ass. Morrison is Scottish, even if he’d like to escape, and that colors his view. His heroes catch the train full of people even if it means the villain gets away, where perhaps many other Americans in my generation would not be able to relate to the that.

Pop!South poster

Now that our first 3 gigs have all been firmed up, I present to you, the first Pop!South poster!

Pop-South July 13-web

If you’re local, you really won’t want to miss these gigs, as they will be ace!

We start with a bang: Ballboy (acoustic), Arts & Leisure and Yakuri Cable (who you know my feelings about)—FB event with ticket details here.

Then we have a more noisy event: Tunabunny, The Spook School and Woog Riot—Here’s the FB event for #2

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a couple of bands who haven’t played in Glasgow in a few years: The Ballet, and The Felt Tips, with the lovely Making Marks making up the bill—And the FB link

And we will have badges!!

Pop!South Badge

Free Pop!South badges

Yakuri Cable badges

And Yakuri Cable badges will be on sale for 50p each, or all 3 for £1!

Hope to see lots of folk there!

Scotland And The Birth of Comics

Wanted to post a quick update about something I’m doing in a couple of weeks. On Tuesday, June 25th, I will be giving a talk titled “Digital Adaptability of Nontraditional Narratives In Comics: A case Study of Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile” in the 9-11am panel at the IBDS Scotland And The Birth of Comics conference in Glasgow.

Info and registrations are here:

I’m really looking forward to it! It doesn’t cost much: 5 day conference, plus transport to/from Dundee for about £40 for students. If you’re at a loose end that week, it might be worth attending. (Grant Morrison is giving a keynote on Monday, if that entices anyone)

There’s also a free Laydeez do Comics event Tues night at the CCA featuring some amazing folk

Hope to see lots of folk at both these events in just a couple of weeks! Poster for the event and abstract under the cut.

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