Yakuri Cable

In design news, I’ve added some projects to my Behance portfolio. Specifically, I just finished an online E.P. cover for my pals in Yakuri Cable. I know they’re my friends, so I’m biased, but I do think it’s a lovely bit of indie pop, and well worth a listen, and a few of your pounds/dollars. Here’s my cover for them:

Click the image to go to Behance and read more about the process, if you’re so inclined.


I don’t have a ton of memories of my dad. But one thing I do remember is that he liked to build things. For a short time after my parent’s divorce, he had an apartment in Milford, MA, about 30mn from where I was living with my mom. I would see him on weekends, and we would make model tanks, planes, Star Trek stuff, and also castles from cardboard tubes. He’d have me collect the tubes from toilet rolls and paper towels and then we’d stack them, cut them, and make things. Here’s a collection of work people have made from the modest cardboard tube.


Our castles were a bit like this, but not painted.

My father and I used a technique along these lines, although we also cut slits in the tubes to slot them together.

We never did a model like the one above, but he would have loved it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 6.15.33 PM

The models we did were more like these ones.

These use the tubes to make single houses or castles, which is far simpler but still effective. I like the idea of making a city out of tubes.

You can always use some owls

Folk have made wall art. And then we get the ridiculously intricate miniatures!