My father was a Conscientious Objector

But god did he love his toy soldiers and war games. I kid you not, he had these cases with glass fronts & he would lay out revolutionary and civil war battles in them. They lived in the basement of our house and boy did he get angry when mice would get in over the winter and knock his battalions over.


He also loved medieval knight stuff. We had some interesting stuff in our basement, which was great fun for a kid with an imagination: a shield with two swords crossed behind it, a full-size suit of armor, you get the idea.

This would not be out of place in my childhood basement

This would not be out of place in my childhood basement

I liked the medieval stuff, but not the tactics. Maybe this map makes sense to you, but it doesn’t to me.


I went on an expedition to the toy store to have a look around and see if I couldn’t find what used to populate my house as a kid.

army men


knights an pets

I think it's amazing they sell ruined house models

I think it’s amazing they sell ruined house models

So now to get ideas on how to use these to make something half as interesting as this project!

Adam Katz—All of my good ideas are battles


Goings on in 2013

During the first semester of my PhD, I submitted 2 abstracts to conferences happening in 2013, and can happily report that both have been accepted! More info as we get closer to the dates. The papers are titled: “Fun Home and Persepolis: Autobiographical Approaches”, which I will give in Sunderland on April 3rd or 4th for Adventures in Textuality: Adaptation in the Twenty-First Century; and “Digital Adaptability of Nontraditional Narratives In Comics: A case study of Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile, which will be part of Scotland and the Birth of Comics, run by Joint International Comics and International Bande Dessinée Society (IBDS) the week of June 24th in Glasgow and Dundee. Exciting!