Following a visual thread

Today I saw this amazing X-ray of a sting-ray

(via Bruce Mau Design Tumblr)

The array of lines and nodes emanating from the centre reminded me a bit of some of the patterns that came out from the light-painting with wifi video below


Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.

(via Warren Ellis—Timo Arnall’s Light Painting Wifi)

That visualisation then reminded me of these photographs of IR light from the Microsoft Kinect game controller

(via Coilhouse—Audrey Penven: Dancing with Invisible Light)

Which seemed a bit TRON-like…

(via Coilhouse—Syd Mead’s Designs for the Original Tron)

Crazily, these TRON costumes look a lot like another set of X-rays, these of women in corsets from the turn of 20th century

(via Coilhouse—Corset X-Rays from 1908)

And then I saw these birds…

NYT Learning to Fly